MultiOne Mini Loaders


Date Posted: 15 February 2017  

All MultiOne mini loaders feature a closed circuit hydrostatic drive. 
Closed circuit drives provide the most power and efficiency to drive a loader, whether articulated or skid steer. 

Other manufacturers of ‘stand-up’ mini loaders use open circuit drives. 
Open circuit drives are older technology and haven’t been used on their larger skid steer counterparts since the 70’s.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features differentiating the two systems…


Date Posted: 1 March 2017  

Multione Loaders feature a closed circuit hydrostatic drive, therefore the flow rates quoted in the specifications chart are for the arm and attachments only.  Flow rates quoted in other manufacturers' specification charts are often also used for their drive system, which is inaccurate.

Some claim “best hydraulic flow rates in class” with 70 L/min.  However if the attachment requires the machine to drive while using high flow, such as the case with harrows and trenching, then 70 L/min will not be available.

MultiOne flow rates of 42 L/min or 68 L...

Date Posted: 5 April 2017  

MultiOne Mini Loaders feature the largest range of wheels and tyre options of any mini loader on the market. 

Having options of wheels and tyres makes the machines fully customisable in terms of driving torque, ground clearance, ground pressure, lift height and capacity.


Hiring out a mini loader? 
Have juniors or apprentices operating your equipment? 

How can you make sure that the operator won’t be injured falling off the back of the loader without a seatbelt? 
How can you be sure that the operator won’t be crushed and killed?

MultiOne mini loaders feature ROPS safety frame, FOPS canopy, seatbelts, and other safety integrated devices to assure complete protection of the operator.

MultiOne machines feature a sturdy articulated frame ...

Date Posted: 22 February 2017  

MultiOne Loaders feature a self-levelling hitch as a standard so loading and unloading is simple, safe and efficient.

If a machine without self-levelling forks is used, the forks must be levelled manually by the operator.  This can be very dangerous when unloading a pallet off a truck, due to the risk of the pallet slipping off the forks when the arm is lowered.  In the same way, the forks must be levelled manually when raising a load to stop the material from spilling back towards the machine and the operator...

Date Posted: 8 March 2017  

Perfect on Delicate Surfaces

Multione mini loaders use articulated steering to control their movement.  Articulated steering is the most versatile form of steering for heavy duty construction machines, from the smallest Multione 2.3 all the way up to the world's largest mining loaders.  However the real benefit of the Multione steering system over a skid steer loader is its use on delicate surfaces such as lawns.

Articulated steering works by having a central pivot point in the machine between the front wheels and ...

Date Posted: 15 March 2017  

Changing attachments on construction and agricultural machinery can by quite a hassle. 

On skid steer loaders and stand-on mini loaders, hitch levers quite often seize in place or are in poor ergonomic positions to move. 
What can be worse is trying to connect the hydraulic lines between the machine and attachment.


MultiOne machines feature a simple but strong hitch design with levers that are easy to reach. 

The levers are designed to move with minimal effort to release the attachment fro...

Date Posted: 22 March 2017  

MultiOne loaders feature fully greasable pins and bushes throughout the machine, including in the arm and articulation joint. 
Pivot joints with high rotational movements also feature long-life self-centring spherical bearings.


Some manufacturers claim that their non-greasable Teflon bushings are the latest technology and are better than greasable joints.  The MultiOne system is however far superior.  Greasable joints will greatly outlast dry joints and are used on all larger earthmoving equipment.&...

MultiOne loaders have a range of cabin options to keep operators protected from the elements.

The most economical option is the plexiglass 'Smart Cabin', which consists of front, rear and right hand side plexiglass windows.  These windows keep rain and wind out of the cabin and protect the operator, while maintaining an open left hand size for easy access on and of...

MultiOne Mini Loaders are a dream to work on. 

One problem that most mechanics (and operators) have with machinery is being able to access components for repair later in the life of the machine. 

Date Posted: 18 April 2017  

Over the last 20-30 years there have been many different control systems used to operate skid steers, wheel loaders and mini loaders.  These systems have used foot levers or hand levers of all different design and operation.


There are a range of lighting options available for MultiOne loaders, making them versatile for a wide range of jobs.

All MultiOne mini loaders are factory fitted with ultra-bright front halogen headlights, which are perfect for early morning and evening tasks.