ACES understand the importance of preventative maintenance and keeping your machine running so you can meet your deadlines.

ACES offer full service and repair capabilities in house in Bayswater  and on-site.  One of the only specialists in Pin and Bush repair on compact equipment in the state with in house line-boring machinery.  

ACES aquired Bayswater Hose and Hydraulics in October 2016, encorporating the business into the main location at 349A Dorset Rd.  This acquisition has given ACES full hydraulic and indusrial hose repair and assembly capabilities in house, ACES is one of only a handful of construction equipment repairers with this capability.

We can offer the following services in-house:

  • Checklist, fixed price servicing and preventative maintenance.
  • Hydraulic hose repair and assembly
  • Pin and Bush repair and replacement.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder reconditioning.
  • Engine reconditioning.
  • Hydraulic fault finding.
  • Undercarriage repair and reconditioning.
  • Welding.
  • Electrical replacement and repair.

ACES technicians are factory trained and are capable of repair on all makes and models of compact construction equipment from mini-excavators, skid steer loaders and mini loaders to light compaction and construction equipment such as demo saws and rammers.

Give ACES a  call on 1300 422 753 to see what we can offer you.

Date Posted: 5 April 2017  

We are asked nearly on a daily basis, “What kind of hydraulic oil should I run in my machine?”  If the machine is designed for a monograde hydraulic oil (which most construction machines are), then our answer is always simple:  a high quality Group II hydraulic oil of the correct viscosity.

Date Posted: 14 December 2016  

ACES specialises in pin and bush repairs.  We source a full range of aftermarket parts to suit your mini excavator or skid steer loader.  We offer a full service repair service, and are one of the few companies that offer in house line boring. 

As the flanges on your machine wear out, they need to be line bored and fitted with replaceable sleeves.  Simply replacing the pins and bushes will not fix the worn out elongated components.  Our lin...

ACES have acquired Bayswater Hose and Hydraulics (BHH) and incorporated the business into 349A Dorset Rd, Bayswater.

BHH has had an exceptional history in the Bayswater area for over 30 years, supplying quality hose, fittings and hydraulic equipment.  The acquisition of BHH has increased ACES capabilities to include hose repairs and re-manufacture, tube bending and flaring, and access to a full range of mobile and industrial hydraulic components, including pumps, valve, gauges and couplings.  BHH also adds another dimension to ACES cylinder, and pump repair capabilities.  Hydraulic cylinders can now be tested to 4000 psi and pumps and machinery can now be flo...

Date Posted: 12 April 2017  

The two most common types of grease used and recommended for pins and bushes on construction equipment are Moly Grease and Extreme Pressure Grease. 

But which one is most suitable for your Mini Excavator and Skid Steer Loader?

Both greases are manufactured from similar base oils with a lithium soap base, and are classed as NGL...

Date Posted: 8 March 2017  

One of the biggest causes of premature track failure is incorrect track tension.  It is also one of the most common faults we see on machines brought to us for service and repairs.  Along with track failure, over-tensioning of rubber tracks will also cause premature wear on undercarriage components ...

Date Posted: 30 November 2016  

ACES repairs all types of hydraulic cylinders, for earthmoving equipment and for a wide range of other purposes. 

The 3 most common causes of a leaking hydraulic cylinder are:

  • Seals that have gone hard over time
  • Bent cylinder rods Share: