Wacker Neuson Excavators

Wacker Neuson is the only excavator manufacturer that supplies a full range of factory fitted hydraulic quick hitches and powertilt hitches across the full line of mini excavators from 1.6T to 15T.

Why are factory fitted hitches such a benefit to the owner operator compared to aftermarket hitches?

Wacker Neuson excavators are known for their class leading serviceability, designed with preventative maintenance in mind. Tasks that can take many hours on competitors’ machines are a breeze with Wacker Neuson.

The addition of the new WANDA electronic diagnostic tool has now made it even easier.

Wacker Neuson excavators feature a unique 5 or 6 position front windscreen. The variable adjust-ability of the windscreen makes it suitable for all situations. 

Class leading operator comfort across the full range of excavators with innovative designs. Wacker Neuson excavators greatly reduce the risk of RSI and work cover related downtime. 

LUDV Hydraulic System, high power and smooth performance

The LUDV hydraulic system from Bosch Rexroth for Wacker Neuson is the most technologically advanced system for compact excavators available today, and has a fuel efficiency saving of approximately 8%. That equals an 8% saving in fuel costs per year. 

Vertical Digging System or VDS is ingenious, it allows the upper carriage of the excavator to tilt 15 degrees away from the undercarriage. This was invented by Wacker Neuson in 1988 and to this day is a unique feature to Wacker Neuson. 

Excavator operation often requires confinement to the excavator cabin for more than 8 hours per day.  Wacker Neuson excavators are designed for continuous use with multiple ergonomic adjustments possible each machine. 

Dual Power is a world first from Wacker Neuson.  The innovative design provides emission free drive for the Wacker Neuson 803 mini excavator.  

Most mini excavators don’t feature a rooftop window, however all Wacker Neuson excavators have them. It is one of the most important features to consider when buying a mini excavator. 

Wacker Neuson design equipment based on performance, quality and reliability – and as much as being a tough machine, they also have a duty of care to ensure the product looks great and is long-lasting. That is why all excavators and wheel dumpers have powder coated finishes in the Wacker Neuson signature yellow. 

Covering an area of 17 hectares, the Wacker Neuson Linz Factory in Austria is one of the largest and most modern production sites of compact equipment in the world. 


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