Dingo Mini Loaders

Manufactured in Australia to the Highest Quality Standards

The full range of Dingo Loaders are manufactured with pride in Australia for Australian conditions. Dingos have been manufactured in Dalby, Qld for over 25 years.. Read More

Best Lift to Weight Ratio

Not all stand up mini loaders were created equal and one of the biggest differences between manufacturers is the lift to weight ratio. Read More

Maintenance Free Joint System

By design, the pins and bushes of all Dingo mini loaders are maintenance free. With no daily maintenance - Dingo loaders can be hired out with peace of mind that they will return from hire without costly damage from a lack of grease. Read More

Solid Linkage System

Dingo Loaders take a simple approach to the hitch linkage system. In a stand up mini loader, the more power to the bucket the better. Read More

Powder Coated Finishes

Powder coating is a key feature of all Dingo loaders to ensure that not only are they long lasting mechanically but the product looks great for years to come. Read More


Stable Lift Arms

A rigid lifting system is an important component of all good quality mini loaders for long life and reliability. Read More

Operator Comfort

Operator comfort is the most overlooked feature when choosing a mini loader. Dingo loaders excel in comfort with advantages in 3 key areas. Read More


Stand up mini loaders can be dangerous to use with in-experience and in the wrong applications, Dingo have key features to increase safety in use. Read More

Superior Hydraulic Power

A Dingo loader is far more than 4 wheels and bucket, it is a mobile hydraulic power pack. The biggest advantage of a Dingo is its ability to run a multitude of high performance hydraulic attachments. Read More

Dingo Track System

Dingos tracked models feature a high performance dedicated track system rather than a problematic over the tyre system. Read More