VDS, A Wacker Neuson innovation

Vertical Digging System or VDS is ingenious, it allows the upper carriage of the excavator to tilt 15 degrees away from the undercarriage.  This was invented by Wacker Neuson in 1988 and to this day is a unique feature to Wacker Neuson.

VDS allows faster, more efficient use of the excavator.  It is an intelligent solution for using an excavator on un even ground.  

Two popular uses in Australia have been the use on “curb and channel” and septic system drainage.  When using on curb and channel one track is on the high side of the curb and the other on the low side.  By using VDS the excavator can be levelled, creating a faster, safer and more comfortable work environment.  This limits RSI greatly in comparison to working continuously on angles.

In the situation of septic drainage the excavator can safely be used on gradients up to 27 degrees.  By traversing the side of the hill with the excavator levelled, drainage trenches can be dug very quickly with VDS.  To perform this operation with a competitor machine the blade of the excavator would need to be used to level the machine, after each increment of the trench being dug the machine repositioned.  By levelling the excavator when trenching, backfill materials can be saved up to 25%


Dig vertically, save excavation.

Risk-free swing for excavators.

Level and accurate digging on curbs.

Precise and easy drilling on hillsides.