Side By Side Coolers

Excavators and heavy duty  construction machinery cop a pretty tough beating due to the ground-breaking work they perform on a daily basis. In the past, it was a common problem for these machines to overheat. A lot of research and development has aimed to correct this problem, and Wacker Neuson have taken it a step further, introducing the ingenious design of placing the cooling components side by side in its excavator line.

Most construction equipment manufacturers have fitted their hydraulic oil coolers in front of the radiator, due to minimal space in the engine bay and a poor design. Having this type of set up, greatly decreases the efficiency of the cooling system, and therefore the entire productivity of the machine. This front mount arrangement also makes it virtually impossible to reach and clean any trapped contaminants in the radiator fins. 

In basic terms, hydraulic oil coolers play an important role and do exactly what its name suggests. Maintaining a moderate oil temperature ensures the oil keeps its viscosity and lubricating properties. The radiator acts as a heat exchanger, receiving hot fluids from the engine, and then cooling them down using fans and coolant.

Wacker Neuson have deigned their machines, so that the hydraulic oil cooler and radiator are mounted side by side.  This makes cleaning easier, and allows each component to successfully perform in its specific function without taking on the heat generated from one another. The side by side cooling feature is one of the reasons why Wacker Neuson excavators are rated to operate without performance loss up in ambient temperatures up to 45 degrees.