Moly Grease vs Extreme Pressure Grease

Date Posted:12 April 2017 

The two most common types of grease used and recommended for pins and bushes on construction equipment are Moly Grease and Extreme Pressure Grease. 

But which one is most suitable for your Mini Excavator and Skid Steer Loader?

Both greases are manufactured from similar base oils with a lithium soap base, and are classed as NGLI 2 greases.

Moly Grease has the added benefit of having a small percentage of molybdenum disulfide added to the grease.  Molybdenum disulfide is perfect for situations where grease is likely to ‘squeeze out’ of the joint or in areas exposed to the weather.  After the grease squeezes out, a thin film of molybdenum disulfide will still be left in the joint and will work well as a dry lubricant and corrosion inhibitor.  This makes it perfect for earthmoving equipment that may not be greased as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

Extreme pressure greases don’t contain molybdenum disulfide, so unless the machine is being greased continually at the recommended intervals, premature pin and bush wear will occur.  This is the reason that we only stock greases that contain molybdenum disulfide.