Residual Pressure

Date Posted:16 November 2016 

Do you have trouble connecting attachments to your excavator or skid steer loader?

If there is any residual pressure in the hydraulic lines of your machine or attachment then connecting the hydraulic lines can be extremely difficult or even impossible.

On Wacker Neuson Excavators residual pressure can be released by following this procedure:
1. Couple attachment to machine via quick hitch or half hitch.
2. Turn off machine.
3. Turn ignition key to accessory but do not start the machine.
4. Lower control arm.
5. Work auxilliary foot pedal back and forth (or left and right) until pressure is released.
6. Connect couplings.

If coupling won't connect then there may be residual pressure in the attachment. This is very common if the attachment contains a hydraulic cylinder such as a tilt bucket or 4-in-1 bucket.

If this is the case then we suggest replacing the couplings with Stucchi APM and A-HD couplings.

Stucchi APM (Male) and A-HD (Female) Flat Face couplings are designed to connect under residual pressures. The couplings are fully interchangeable with standard flat face couplings.

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