Lift Capacity to Weight Ratio

Date Posted:29 March 2017 

MultiOne Loaders feature the best machine weight to lift capacity ratio.

In most cases, MultiOne loaders feature a machine weight to tipping ratio of 1:1.  This means that the machine can lift its own weight off the ground.  MultiOne loaders can lift this amount of weight due to their low centre of gravity, superior weight balance, and high powered hydraulics.

The design geometry of MultiOne machines contributes to their high lifting capacity.  The engine is positioned to the rear of machine and low to the ground.  Combined with additional counterweights, the machines are able to lift enormous amounts for their size.  The 9.5 model features the best lift capacity to weight ratio of any loader in the world, with a tipping load of 2600kg and a weight of only 2465kg with optional counterweights fitted.

When comparing this capacity to other styles of machines, it’s very easy to see the benefit of a MultiOne mini loader.  For example, the average skid steer loader with a weight of 2500kg has a tipping load of only 1300kg, which is half that of the MultiOne 9.5 of the same weight.  In the smaller size categories, a Dingo SM440-31W, with a machine weight of 1080kg, has a working load limit of only 440kg.  A MultiOne 5.3K, with a weight of 1234kg, has a payload of 800kg and tip load of 1200kg.