Joystick Control

Date Posted:18 April 2017 

Over the last 20-30 years there have been many different control systems used to operate skid steers, wheel loaders and mini loaders.  These systems have used foot levers or hand levers of all different design and operation.

MultiOne uses the ISO system to control the bucket and boom, which is now becoming the standard across the industry for all loading machines.

The ISO pattern uses the right-hand joystick of a loader to control the lift of the boom (pushing the lever forward or backwards) and the crowd of the bucket (moving the lever left or right).

Not all manufactures are taking advantage of this control.  Two prominent skid-steer manufactures still use foot pedals to control the boom and bucket on the majority of their machines.  Some stand up mini loader manufactures still prefer to use complicated lever systems of their own designs.

The MultiOne joystick makes controlling the machine very simple and can be learnt with very little practice.  The joystick uses the ISO pattern to control the movement of the boom and bucket, but also features a toggle switch to control the forward and reverse flow for the auxiliary hydraulics.  Two buttons control the telescope in and out of the boom, a third button turns high flow hydraulics on, and a spare button is for auxiliary functions.

All these functions can be controlled without having to remove your hand from the joystick, making MultiOne loaders one of the simplest and most efficient machines to operate.