Cabin Options

MultiOne loaders have a range of cabin options to keep operators protected from the elements.

The most economical option is the plexiglass 'Smart Cabin', which consists of front, rear and right hand side plexiglass windows.  These windows keep rain and wind out of the cabin and protect the operator, while maintaining an open left hand size for easy access on and off the machine.  Given that air conditioning is not available with this option, the cabin is kept well ventilated so as not to overheat during the summer.  Also available on the 2.3 model is a left side door and heating system for cold climates.

The 'Luxury Cab' option is a fully sealed tempered glass cabin with heating system.  This is perfect for colder climates to keep the operator warm and out of the weather.  The 8 Series and up are also available with an efficient air conditioning system, making it perfect for hot Australian climates.