Single Roll Pin, Dual Roll Pin and Coil Pin

The most common teeth on mini excavators and skid steer loaders in Australia are 5KC3SB teeth.  Other common teeth include 0-3TL and 3-6TL, which is also known as X156.

All these teeth share a common 45-50mm round pin to hold them securely in place, and there are 3 options available when selecting a pin.

Single Roll Pin:  The easiest and cheapest option is a single 10mm roll pin.  In most cases this can be effective, however when the teeth adapters start to wear, the 10mm roll pin may not be strong enough to hold the tooth securely in place.  It is common for the single pin to wear out or break prematurely in these situations.

Dual Roll Pin:  The next option is to reinforce the pin with a second roll pin in the centre.  This can be effective, but is more expensive as two pins are required.  Depending on the manufacturer of the pins there can also be difficulty in fitting the two pins if one is slightly too small or too large.

Coil Pin:  The best option is to use a single coil pin.  This is the only option that we choose to stock and recommend.  These pins are made from high tensile spring steel and are designed with multiple coils of steel inside the one pin.  By design they feature a higher retaining strength than standard roll pins, while being easier to fit and easier to remove.  Additionally, being made from only one piece of steel, they are the most economical option.