Hungry board design

The hungry board on a 4-in-1 bucket is a feature often overlooked when making a purchase of a new 4-in-1 bucket. However it is one of the key elements of the bucket and should be a consideration when making a new purchase.

Hungry boards have multiple benefits when in use, firstly they are designed to increase the capacity of the 4-in-1 bucket.  Many OEM buckets available are supplied without a hungry board and their capacity is significantly lower than reputable brands such as Digga and Norm Engineering.

The hungry board is also designed to protect hoses and cylinders of the host machine located behind the bucket.  The Hungry board prohibits material from spilling back over the bucket, hose life is generally increased dramatically when comparing to buckets without a hungry board.

The downside of a hungry board is it decreases visibility to the operator.  To combat this, unique designs have been implemented to increase visibility.  We find the design of Digga’s hungry board to be the best on the market, they are designed to maintain strength of the board, provide greater visibility due to the unique angles of the grid mesh while holding more material than other boards on the market.