Self-Levelling Hydraulics

Date Posted:22 February 2017 

MultiOne Loaders feature a self-levelling hitch as a standard so loading and unloading is simple, safe and efficient.

If a machine without self-levelling forks is used, the forks must be levelled manually by the operator.  This can be very dangerous when unloading a pallet off a truck, due to the risk of the pallet slipping off the forks when the arm is lowered.  In the same way, the forks must be levelled manually when raising a load to stop the material from spilling back towards the machine and the operator.

The MultiOne self-levelling system is operated via a dedicated self-levelling hydraulic cylinder connected to the boom of the machine.  As the boom is raised or lowered, this cylinder pushes oil into the bucket cylinder to change the position and keep the bucket (or forks) level.  The great advantage of this system over a mechanical linkage system used by other machines is that no extra pivot (and maintenance) points are needed.  Additionally, being hydraulically operated, the MultiOne self-levelling system can be switched off in situations where a machine without self-levelling is more optimal.