Articulated Drive

Date Posted:8 March 2017 

Perfect on Delicate Surfaces

Multione mini loaders use articulated steering to control their movement.  Articulated steering is the most versatile form of steering for heavy duty construction machines, from the smallest Multione 2.3 all the way up to the world's largest mining loaders.  However the real benefit of the Multione steering system over a skid steer loader is its use on delicate surfaces such as lawns.

Articulated steering works by having a central pivot point in the machine between the front wheels and rear wheels.  A hydraulic cylinder controls the steering movement left and right by pivoting the axles around this joint.  Turn left, and the two left wheels are brought closer together and the two right wheels further apart. 

Using this steering method allows the machine to glide over grass with minimal ripping motion.  Skid steer loaders are impossible to turn in any direction without skidding the tyres and ripping grass.  In comparison, Multione mini loaders are perfect for lawns where damage would be detrimental (such as golf courses), as the diff-lock can be turned off and the machine will glide over without leaving any imprints.