Stand up mini loaders can be dangerous to use with in-experience and in the wrong applications, Dingo have key features to increase safety in use. The most important safety feature found on a Dingo loader is the open operator platform. 

Most manufacturers of mini loaders surround the operator platform with paneling, fuel tanks or even the loader arms. This causes the operator to strike these surrounds when using the machine in rough conditions. To combat this many have fitted foam panelling to the areas, this is ok for limited use but after a full day of banging into panels the operator will hop off the machine pretty sore.

Dingo operator platforms are completely open allowing free movement of the operator. The open operator platform is also far superior in a roll over situation. In the unlikely event of a rollover the open platform allows for the operator to quickly get off the machine with a 180 degree opening from the platform. If the operator station is enclosed with only a rear opening the risk of being crushed under the machine is greatly increased.