Operator Comfort

Operator comfort is the most overlooked feature when purchasing a mini loader.

Dingo loaders excel in operator comfort with advantages in 3 key areas, platform design, control and stability, operating temperatures. 

The platform featured on all Dingos is wide and ridgid, the wide design allows for a firm stance from the operator with optimal balance.  The platform is solid made from heavy plate, other manufactures use springs for “suspension” which works great in light conditions but has a real tendency to bounce and throw the operator in rough conditions.  

The controls of Dingos are soft touch, which allows for smooth movement of all functions of the machines. The design of the handlebars and controls allows the operator for have a firm grip on the machine which being able to gently control the machine when travelling at speed over rough ground, this greatly improves comfort and safety, no unwanted movements when the machine hits a bump. 

Temperature control is extremely important when operating a mini loader as the operator is standing next to the engine when in use.  Dingo have again taken a simple approach when designing their machines.  The radiator is as far away from the operator as possible removing one of the main heat sources, cold air is drawn past the operator, over the engine and through the radiator keeping both the operator and machine cool.  This is the best form of cooling on the market and greatly differs from other designs.