Twin Tiger vs Blade (Chisel) Teeth

In Australia, the two most common styles of teeth are Twin Tip Tiger Teeth and Blade Teeth (also known as Chisels).  Of course there are hundreds of different designs, but they generally fall under the style of Tigers and Blades.    
Which teeth are right for your machine?

It is pretty simple and really depends on the application. If you are digging in hard grounds and the machine is struggling more than normal, you should switch to Tiger Teeth. They will really help the bucket to penetrate the earth and dig far better. Many of our customers describe it as a hot knife through butter when first using Tiger Teeth.

For normal conditions, Blade Teeth will give far better life than Tiger Teeth as they have more surface area to wear against the ground. In these cases, using Tiger Teeth would be a waste of money as the teeth would need to be changed more frequently.